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About Mista Oud

How We Got Here

Mr. Oud - a fanatic of high quality perfumes and Arabic fragrances - had a vision to bring the traditional Middle Eastern culture of Bukhoor and incense burning to the Western world. 

Thus Mista Oud was founded:

  • A luxury handheld Bukhoor burner

  • Portable & unique

  • Electronically operated & 100% coal free

'Imbue your car and home with the unique, vibrant & passionate aroma..'

'Infuse your clothing with the indulgent scent of the Middle East..'

'Indulge your hair & body with the luxurious essence of Oud..'

We believe your home should reflect your own personal style. Each corner of your life should be eye-catching and unique, just like you. Mista Oud burners, being uniquely stylish, are fitting for the modern home decor. Browse through our selection today to find just what you have been searching for...

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